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Hi there!

This page may seem daunting at first, but it's just for archival purposes; you'll probably never see this anyway.


Name of the skin is when I uploaded it, not when I created it.

Most of the elements come from other skins but are heavily edited, UI and some gameplay elements are taken from y36's Lys Renewed; so download that skin and give him credit for his work.


  • Replace all stolen elements with original ones.
  • Add preview videos to old versions.




v2.181224 [preview] (Updated to @2x. Welcome to the 21st century!) v2.18811 v2.1874 v2.18617 v2.1868 v2.1867 v2.1849 [preview] (Initial release.) v2.1844 v2.18210 v2.18131 v2.18130 v2.18123 v2.18118 (First time I called it Fuchsia.) v2.18115 v2.18114 v2.1819


v2.171229b v2.171229a v2.171228 v2.171223 v2.171219 v2.171214




  • 03.01.2019: Added “Upcoming” section.
  • 03.01.2019: Updated “FYI” section.
  • 25.12.2018: Added preview videos.
  • 24.12.2018: Added Worthy Batch DDL.
  • 08.08.2018: Added Batch DDL.
  • 04.07.2018: Removed version 2.17930.
  • 04.07.2018: Worthy versions are bold now.