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Hi there!

Here, you can download every single version of the Fuchsia skin that I ever uploaded through s-ul.


There are no screenshots, but you can get an idea by watching this video in which I used v2.1849. Most of the changes are miniscule; it is only worth to download bold versions.


v2.18811 (final, probably) v2.1874 v2.18617 v2.1868 v2.1867 v2.1849 (initial release) v2.1844 v2.18210 v2.18131 v2.18130 v2.18123 v2.18118 (first time I called it Fuchsia) v2.18115 v2.18114 v2.1819


v2.171229b v2.171229a v2.171228 v2.171223 v2.171219 v2.171214




-04.07.2018: Worthy versions are bold now. -04.07.2018: Removed version 2.18930. -08.08.2018: Added batch DDL.